Silva Living: Today Is A Gift

giftToday is an amazing day full of wonderful reminders for what to be grateful and happy for. Allow yourself to recognize them as they appear throughout the day and every day after. Be fully aware of your surroundings and pay attention to the details, and in there in you will find that today is not like every other day, it is a gift.

Sometimes we are carried away with our daily routines or duties we have to attend to, that we forget to look at the pretty things that happen around us. But it is important to appreciate and truly be grateful for the good things happening today.

Ever since I was little, my mother always told my siblings and I to make it a habit of looking up at the sky and appreciate the beauty of it. Now I understand what she meant, since it is so amazing how every day the sky has a different and beautiful view. Just like the sky, there is always something special and beautiful about each day, including new opportunities to do things that make you happy.


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