Silva Tips To Give Yourself A Boost

boostThe way your day turns out to be depends on your thoughts, it depends on you. Sure, you are influenced by your encounters with other people or situations that are beyond your reach, but the way you process and react to them has a lot to do with it.

Your first thoughts in the morning are very important because they usually set your mood. For example, if you wake up and start thinking ‘I am so tired, I don’t feel like going to school/work’ then you will most likely attract negative things during the day and you will feel tired and wishing you were home instead. It is about seeing the positive side of things, setting your thoughts to be positive ones, and living and enjoying the moment and situation you are in.

Yes it is important to do things that you love, and if you don’t love going to school or to work, think of positive things about that place and make yourself believe that you are there to make the best of it and give your very best to achieve the best results possible.

Here are some thoughts you can repeat in your head to give yourself a boost

I am doing better than good because I know that yesterday ended last night, and today is a brand new beginning.

I am doing better than good because I understand that genuine happiness comes when I do things for other people.

I am doing better than good because I have made peace with my past, I am focused on the present, and hopeful about the future.

I am doing better than good because I am mature enough to shift my focus from my rights to responsibilities.

Can you think of other positive thoughts that could help you get a boost for your day?


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